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Facial Sheet Mask

Facial Sheet Masks are one of the products of the future. Women believe in natural beauty and instant solutions to their skin problems. Thus, the need for natural masks arises.


✔Easy to use, non-messy  ✔Adds hydration and nourishment to all skin types  ✔Target/concern treatment based  ✔Infused with powerful active ingredients  ✔Soft comfortable feel on the skin  ✔DIY facial – no dependency on the parlor  ✔Travel Friendly ✔One-time use – hygienic ✔Instant results.

Types of Fabric: Tencel/Lyocell, Cotton, Charcoal, Biocellulose, Gold Charcoal, Gold Tencel, Gold Tencel Line, Aloe Fibre, Banana Fibre, Diatomite, Cellulose, Wave Pattern, Snow Pattern, Microfiber, Graphene, Super Clear, Printed.

Variants/Concerns: Fruit-based, Flower based, Science-based, Radiance, Hydration, Nourishment, Anti-inflammatory, Tan Clear, Anti Acne, anti-aging, Purifying

Standard and Customization are available: Ingredients, Fragrance, and MOQ.

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Wide range of Facial Sheet Mask