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ALLMASK is the largest varieties of Skin & Body Care Products manufacturer in Mumbai - India. We manufacture the range of facial sheet masks, cleansing wipes, body masks, cosmetic pads, Nose Strips, Wax Strips, Hydrogel Masks, Bubble Sheet Masks, and Acne Patches. We follow all the standards and quality practices laid down under the third party manufacturing and proudly feature our widest range of variants in facial sheet masks. We value the clients' goals as a brand and put our efforts in leveraging their products and giving the best experience to the customers. ALLMASK has a process laid from finalizing the variants and product range to the end delivery to the client. With this assistance, our clients can focus on their marketing activity, and products rest assured. ALLMASK has over 15 years of industry experience in the non-woven facial sheets. We have seen the curve of demand and the usage of sheets as masks, body patches, and cosmetic wipes. The process is simple; design the sheets, the masks, and also innovate with the various activators. The general combination for our clients is as simple as selecting a sheet, adding an activator, and choosing several bases to it.

Facial Sheet Mask
Private Label facial sheet mask
Private label Facial Sheet Mask

Market Trends Suggest Masks Are New Essentials

The process is simple and transparent from the clients' perspective. All our client has to do is lay down their requirements and give us an understanding of their target audience and range of products they want to offer. We offer an extensive range in types of sheets, activators, and formulae along with a separate range of fun printed masks. We follow complete secrecy and high ethics with strategies and product formulations set for each company. The process starts with consulting, designing the product range, and ends with the final delivery. In contract manufacturing and third party labeling contracts, we understand and reflect on all challenges for every product line. We understand the needs of each brand and how the goals can be achieved. Designing and innovating unique, trending, and most in-demand products are our specialty. With the study of the skin types and skin requirements in Indian markets, we have formulated more than 500 variants for several sheet types. This gives a never-ending product line and variants for our clients. Facial Sheet masks, Body masks, cosmetic wipes, and pads are never a stale product for the young, working population of the country. Product delivery is not limited to shipping off the products. At ALLMASK, it begins with correct and appropriate labeling of the products, convenient packaging, temperature controlling the packages, and much more. With us, you stay assured about your entire product line and labeling.

What Our Customers Say

Good quality cosmetic pads and cosmetic wipes are essential to our make-up range and products. We source our entire cleansing and skin hydrating kit from ALLMASK. The organic and skin-friendly makeup clearing pads along with nail paint removing pads give our clients a whole skin routine post makeup. ALLMASK is our best option when it comes to quick and handy skincare products. It is the best facial sheet mask, body mask, cosmetic wipes and cosmetic pad manufacturer in India. It has also emerged as a better alternative to the Korean skincare product manufacturers. ALLMASK provides an end to end solution as a third party manufacturer for facial sheet masks and other skin care & body care products. Our customers are happy with the quality and effect of the facial beauty masks on their skin. Body masks provided by the All masks are manufactured with various benefits. We chose for anti-aging, anti-tan, and whitening masks for our cosmetic product range. ALLMASK body patches and beauty masks work great with clients' excellent range of organic beauty products. ALLMASK has given us more than 500 unique variants with the type of sheet, activators, and combinations. ALLMASK assures the quality of the beauty masks.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to become a well-known and best sheet mask manufacturer across the beauty domain. We are working day and night to become India's largest third-party, private label sheet mask manufacturer. Our products are 100% organic, 100% made in India, and unique. (Use the icons for 100% Organic | Made in India | Natural | Paraben-free | Sulphate-Free)

Innovation & Technology

We are a No.1 facial sheet manufacturer, and we strive to launch highly effective sheet mask variants for various skin types and formulants. We guarantee the easy application, no reactions, and the side effects of our products on any skin types. We are very selective with our formulas and activators used in sheet masks. We also have an added line of after wax, aftershave masks for the different parts of the body.